Ardens searches

Ardens searches

CQC suite of clinical searches

Ardens Health Informatics Ltd have now released the suite of clinical searches for Practices and CQC inspection teams.

Please see the following link for the full article which describes the steps Practices need to take to gain access to them.

The searches are now routinely used when carrying out inspections of GP practices and are designed to focus on areas of clinical importance, reflecting the profession’s agreed shared view of quality and to contribute to a consistent regulatory approach.  The majority of the searches focus on safe prescribing, monitoring of higher risk drugs and identification of potential missed diagnoses. They identify cohorts of patients who may require further attention.

CQC are working with Ardens as part of a 12-month pilot to create, review and deliver the searches on EMIS Web and SystmOne for GP practices.  Cegedim Healthcare will be making the searches available for Vision GP practices.  The searches are available free of charge for all GP practices.

For further information, please see GP Mythbuster 12: Accessing medical records during inspections.

SystmOne Searches

To join the open organisation group & access the searches on SystmOne:

  1. Go to Setup > Users & Policies > Organisation Groups
  2. Untick top left box ‘Only show groups this organisation has joined’
  3. Go to Wiltshire > CQC Inspection Searches
  4. Right click > Join Group then turn SystmOne off and back on again
  5. Go to Reporting > Clinical Reporting > CQC Inspection Searches

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EMIS Web Searches

To download the searches from the portal and import to EMIS Web:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “CQC Inspection Searches” followed by the download link
  3. Save the folder of searches to your desktop
  4. Go to EMIS > Population Reporting
  5. Create a new folder called “CQC” and import the downloaded file here

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Vision Searches

Available soon from Cegedim Healthcare

Please see the following website for detailed guidance and a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated 20th October 2022