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Landing Page of Resources for Primary Care - (NHSEI)   

Template Letters for Primary Care - (NHSEI)   

Guidance for Clinicians - (NHSEI)

Standard Operating Procedures for Primary Care Settings (Version 4 / 22nd December) - (NHSEI)

​​NHS England News 

Landing Page for BMA COVID-19 Guidance

Landing Page for BMA COVID-19 Toolkit (BMA)

Guidance for the Remobilisation of Services Within Health and Care Settings (PHE)

General Information / News

13th January 2021: Primary Care Measures Letter (NHSEI)

7th January 2021: Freeing Up Practices to Support COVID Vaccination (NHSEI)

24th December 2020: Home Delivery of Medicines and Appliances (NHSEI)

18th December 2020: Ordering Self-testing Kits - Important Update (PCS England)

12th November 2020: COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure - COVID Oximetry @home (NHSEI)

7th November 2020: MINK COVID-19 Alert (NHSEI)

31st July 2020: Third Phase Letter from Sir Simon Stevens (NHSEI)

NHSEI COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin

12th January 2021: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

7th January 2021: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

8th December 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

6th November 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

3rd November 2020 COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

20th October 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

16th October 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

13th October 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

8th October 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

6th October 2020: COVID-19 Primary Care Bulletin (NHSEI)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

17th April 2020: COVID-19 Infection Prevention & Control (GOV.UK)

17th April 2020: PPE Shortages (PHE)

2nd April 2020: COVID-19 PPE Equipment (PHE)

31st March 2020: Plans to Support Access to PPE Equipment (DHSC)

28th March 2020: Personal Protection Equipment Update (AMRC)

20th March 2020: Guidance on Supply & Use of PPE (NHSEI)

Recommended PPE For Primary, Outpatient & Community Settings

Clinical Guidelines

Safeguarding Resources for Primary Care  

British Society for Rheumatology - Identifying High-risk Patients in England

COVID-19 Infection & Pregnancy - Guidelines (RCOG)

How to Manage Contraceptive Provision Without Face to Face Consultations (Primary Care Women's Health Forum) 

BAME Safety Assessment & Decision (SAAD) Score Tool

6th November 2020: Advice for People Experiencing Voice Problems After COVID (UK Based Speech and Language Therapists)

November 2020: How to Differentiate Lung Cancer from COVID-19 (Lung Clinical Expert Group)

21st August 2020: Guidance for the Remobilisation of Services Within Health and Care Settings (PH England)

17th July 2020: Intimate Remote Consultation Guidance V1 (NHSEI)

18th June 2020: Guidance for Primary Care Contractors on Reducing Risk of Staff Acquiring COVID-19 (NHSEI)

16th June 2020: Management of Patients with Musculoskeletal

16th June 2020: Resuscitation of Adult COVID-19 Patients: Primary Care Setting Infographic (Resuscitation Council UK)

11th June 2020: Pulse Oximetry to Detect Early Deterioration of Patients: Annex 2 COVID-19 Diary (NHSEI)

11th June 2020: Pulse Oximetry to Detect Early Deterioration of Patients with COVID-19 (NHSEI) 

9th June 2020: Minimising Nosocomial Infections in the NHS (NHSEI)

2nd June 2020: How to Assess Ear, Nose and Throat Patients Safely (NHS West Suffolk)

1st June 2020: Diagnosis of Asthma (PCRS)

4th May 2020: Priority Medicines for Palliative and End of Life Care During a Pandemic (Hospice UK)

4th May 2020: COVID-19 Management Guidelines (RCP)

14th April 2020: Use of NSAIDs in People With or at Risk of COVID-19

14th April 2020: Ibruprofen (NHSEI)

9th April 2020: Children & COVID-19 - Important Update

8th April 2020: DNACPR & ReSPECT Forms (East of England Ambulance Service) 

6th April 2020: Home Visiting Service - Community Symptom Management  (Local - Suffolk GP Federation)

6th April 2020: Triage Plan (Local - Suffolk GP Federation)

31st March 2020: Clinical Guide for the Management of Anticoagulant Services (NHSEI)

27th March 2020: How to Establish a Remote ‘Total Triage’ Model (NHSEI) 

26th March 2020: Occupational Health Advice for Employers & Pregnant Women During COVID-19 (RCOG)

26th March 2020: KISS - Managing Clinical Groups During The Coronavirus Pandemic

25th March 2020: Royal College of Physicians COVID-19 Management Guidelines

24th March 2020: Reducing Alcohol Intake Safely (Turning Point) 

24th March 2020: Advice for People Who Use Drugs

Staff & Management

Information for Migrants on COVID-19 (IOM UN Migration)

Management of Staff & Exposed Patients or Residents in Health & Social Care Settings (GOV UK)

COVID-19 & Claiming Benefits (Universal Credit)

Homeworking Policy (LMC)

15th October 2020: Infection Prevention & Control Training Resources (NHSEI)

4th August 2020: COVID-19 Support Fund for General Practice  (NHSEI)

19th June 2020: Restarting Community Surgery (ASPC)

25th May 2020: Antibody Testing Programme for NHS Staff & Patients (NHSEI)

12th May 2020: Identifying a Clinical Lead for All Care Homes (NHSEI)

14th April 2020: Preparedness Update (NHSEI) 

3rd April 2020: GP Connect Update

30th March 2020: Remote Working in Primary Care - Guidance for GP Practices (NHSEI)

28th March 2020: Procurement of Pre-approved Online Consultation System Suppliers (NHSEI) 

25th March 2020: Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic in Care Homes (British Geriatrics Society)

24th March 2020: RCGP FAQs on Appraisal & Revalidation During COVID-19

23rd March 2020: Joint Guidance from GPC, RCGP & NHSEI - The Role of General Practice

23rd March 2020: Joint Guidance from GPC, RCGP & NHSEI - Workload Prioritisation

17th March 2020: Next Steps on NHS Response to COVID-19 (NHSEI) 

Shielding & Vulnerable Patients

At-Risk Patient Letter (NHSEI)

GoodSAM Patient Referral Form

Your COVID Recovery (NHSEI)

31st December 2020: Guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19 (GOV UK)

2nd November 2020: Update on guidance for clinically extremely vulnerable individuals and actions for GPs (NHSEI)

8th July 2020: Shielding Update (NHSEI)

1st June 2020: Update to Guidance Who Are Clinically Vulnerable (Shielding) (NHSEI)

9th April 2020: Updated Guidance for General Practice (NHS England)

3rd April 2020: Update on Shielding Policy & Implications for General Practice (UK GOV)

3rd April 2020: Caring for People at Highest Clinical Risk FAQs

1st April 2020: Caring for People at Highest Clinical Risk FAQs

31st March 2020: NHS Volunteer Responders - Information for Health Professionals (NHSEI) 

28th March 2020: Identifying & Supporting Patients at Highest Clinical Risk (NHSEI) 

25th March 2020: Guidance & Updates for GPs: At-risk Patients (NHSEI) 

21st March 2020: Shielding Patients Who Are at the Highest Risk (NHSEI) 

Death & Certification Procedures

MCCD Flow Chart (RCOP)

VoD, Completion of MCCD and Cremation Forms (BMA)

Guidance for Remote VoED Out of Hospital (BMA / RCGP)

12th January 2021: Important Information for Reporting Primary Care Staff Deaths Relating to COVID-19  (NHSEI)

5th May 2020: Verifying Death in Times of Emergency

31st March 2020: Guidance for Care of the Deceased With Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

31st March 2020: Coronavirus Act - Excess Death Provisions

30th March 2020: Important Message for GP's - Death Certificate & Registration

30th March 2020: Summary of the Coronavirus Act 2020 (Chief Coroner)

27th March 2020: General Register Office Guidance

27th March 2020: Guidance on the Management of Symptomatic Patients Dying from COVID-19

25th March 2020: New Cremation Form Procedure

Staff Training - Verification of Death (St Teresa's Home for the Elderly) 


COVID-19 Testing in General Practice (GOV UK)

10th September 2020: Testing Demand

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Virtual Doctors' Mess (AKESO)

COVID-19 Ethical Issues - A Guidance Note (BMA)

9th April 2020: 24hr Advice Line (SNHC)

31st March 2020: Primary Care Staff Resource Pack (NHSEI)

26th March 2020: Managing Mental Health Challenges Faced by Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 (The BMJ)

Information Commissioner News

The ICO's Regulatory Approach During COVID-19 (ICO)

Data Protection & Coronavirus: What You Need To Know ​​​​​(ICO)

Other COVID-19 Resources

Your COVID Recovery - Guidance for the online interactive platform (NHSEI)

BMJ – News & Resources

RCGP COVID-19 Information

NHSEI COVID-19 Webinars

COVID-19 Google Drive Resource

Primary Care Pathways COVID-19 Resource Centre

NICE Resources on COVID-19   

Information on COVID-19 for Social Prescribing Link Workers

< Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updates & Resources

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Government Guidance

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