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26th June 2020: NEECCG GP Comms Bulletin

2nd June 2020: How to Assess Ear, Nose and Throat Patients Safely (NHS West Suffolk)

20th May 2020: East of England Testing Sites (NHSEI)

11th May 2020: Primary Care and Community Heath Support to Care Home Residents (Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG)

5th May 2020: Letter to GPs (Seven Hills Crematorium)

27th April 2020: PPE Ordering Guidance

15th April 2020: Patient Mental Health & Wellbeing - Resources for GPs

10th April 2020: Changes to EOL Admin Charts to Remove Need for Prescriber Signature (West Suffolk)

9th April 2020: Deaths in the Community (Suffolk Coroners Service)

4th April 2020: Antibody (Serology) Testing  (NHS East Suffolk & North Essex)

31st March 2020: Primary Care Staff Resource Pack (NHSEI)

30th March 2020: C&P Primary Care Protocol During COVID-19 (Courtesy of Cambridgeshire & Peterborough CCG)

30th March 2020: Important Message for GP's - Death Certificate & Registration

Suffolk GP Federation

Suffolk GP Federation Website

9th April 2020: Triage Plan (Suffolk GP Federation)

9th April 2020: Patient Advice & Information Regarding Supporting Patients in the Community (Suffolk GP Federation)

8th April 2020: Community Symptom Management (Suffolk GP Federation)

8th April 2020: Visiting Service - Operating Model for PMs (Suffolk GP Federation)

7th April 2020: Urgent Care Clinical Bulletin  (Suffolk GP Federation)

COVID-19 Bulletin (West Suffolk CCG)

25th June 2020: Issue 54

24th June 2020: Issue 53

23rd June 2020: Issue 52

22nd June 2020: Issue 51

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COVID-19 Newsletter (Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG)

25th June 2020: Issue 50

22nd June 2020: Issue 49

18th June 2020: Issue 48

16th June 2020: Issue 47

11th June 2020: Issue 46

9th June 2020: Issue 45

5th June 2020: Issue 44

2nd June 2020: Issue 43

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< Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updates & Resources

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About us

Suffolk Local Medical Committee (SLMC) is made up of GPs elected on a constituency basis and represents all GPs in Suffolk, excluding...

June 2020 Newsletter

Included in this Edition: BMA risk assessment guidance for practices PPE - face masks and coverings Update from ICO regarding the...