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COVID-19 Vaccination

Primary Care Guidance (NHSEI)

7th January 2021: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme 2020/21 (NHSEI)

6th January 2021: COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure: Local Vaccination Services Deployment in Community Setting (NHSEI)

Suffolk and North East Essex COVID-19 Vaccination Service


Agreement for the Provision of the COVID-19 ES Vaccination Programme (PCN Groupings)

Agreement for the Provision of the COVID-19 ES Vaccination Programme (One PCN)

Guidance Notes - COVID-19 ES Vaccination Programme Agreement 

2020/21 General Medical Services Contract Quality and Outcomes Framework (BMA & NHSEI)

Flowchart for managing patients who have allergic reactions 

Administering COVID-19 vaccines to individuals at extremes of bodyweight (Specialist Pharmacy Service)

15th May 2021: Accelerating Second Doses for Priority Cohorts 1-9 (NHSEI)

13th May 2021: Changes to National Booking Service (NBS) (NHSEI)

7th May 2021: JCVI Announcement Regarding AstraZeneca Vaccine and Next Steps (NHSEI)

17th April 2021: JCVI Announcement Regarding Vaccination During Pregnancy and Next Steps (NHSEI)

7th April 2021: MHRA and JCVI announcement regarding AstraZeneca Vaccine and next steps (NHSEI)

11th March 2021: Vaccination Programme - Enhanced Service Specification (NHSE)

8th March 2021: Vaccination for Eligible Unpaid Carers (DHSC & CARE)

8th March 2021: Vaccine Deployment Programme for Unpaid Carers

4th February 2021: Letter to LVS Sites on Additional Funding for Residential Setting (NHSEI)

3rd February 2021: Freeing Up Practices to Support COVID Vaccinations - Further Details (NHSEI)

22nd January 2021: Mutual aid and the transfer of vaccinations between hospitals, vaccincation centress and local services (NHSE)

22nd January 2021: COVID Vaccination dosage interval for those commencing immunuosuppressive therapy

22nd January 2021: Covid vaccination and commencing immunosupressive therapy (NHSEI)

15th January 2021: IoS and Care Home Supplement Payment Guidance (NHSEI)

13th January 2021: Vaccination in Older Adult Care Homes (NHSEI)

11th January 2021: Instruction on Timing of Second Dose (NHSEI)

7th January 2021: Operational Guidance Vaccination of Frontline Health (NHSEI)

7th January 2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Oxford AstraZeneca - Movement of Vaccine (NHSEI)

5th January 2021: Patient Group Direction for COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca (NHSEI & PHE)

December 2020: Determining Ability to Consent to a Vaccination (In Good Health)

December 2020: Rapid Response Guidance Note: Vaccination and Mental Capacity (Essex Chambers)

December 2020: Guidance for practitioners delivering a COVID vaccination - Mental Capacity Act (NHSE)

December 2020: Management of Anaphylaxis in the Vaccination Setting (Resuscitation Council UK)

31st December 2020: CCG Vaccination Letter (NHSEI)

30th December 2020: Vaccination Deployment Planning (NHSEI)

22nd December 2020: Indemnity Arrangements for COVID-19 Vaccinations (NHSEI)

12th December 2020: ES Vaccination Collaboration Agreement V2 (NHSEI)

11th December 2020: Patient Group Direction for Pfizer/BioNTech (NHSEI)

11th December 2020: Patient Group Directory for COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine (PHE)

10th December 2020: COVID-19 Local Vaccination Services Deployment in Community Setting (NHSEI)

9th December 2020: Confirmation of guidance to vaccination centres on managing allergic reactions following COVID-19 vaccination with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (GOV UK)

8th December 2020: Vaccination & Mental Health Capacity (Suffolk County Council)

7th December 2020: PCN Designated Sites Beginning Operations Week (NHSEI)

7th December 2020: COVID-19 Vaccination Programme (NHSEI)

4th December 2020: Enhanced Service Specification (NHSEI)

4th December 2020: Week One: Implementing the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme (NHSEI)

4th December 2020: Wave One Mobilisation of Primary Care Vaccination Programme (NHSEI)

3rd November 2020: National Vaccination Consent Form




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